Some Go Code of Conduct news..

#​379 — September 17, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web Go Weekly How to Update APIs for Generics? — Russ and others are asking for help with suggestions and options for migrating pre-generics code to post-generics code without p...

Code of Conduct Updates

A small update to, and an update on enforcement of, the Go Code of Conduct

Automatic cipher suite ordering in crypto/tls

Go 1.17 is making TLS configuration easier and safer by automating TLS cipher suite preference ordering.

Extract, Transform, and Load in Go

Introduction You are about to visit Boston, and would like to taste some good food. You ask your friend who lives there what are good places to eat. They reply with “Everything is good, you can’t go wrong”. Which makes you think, maybe I should check where not t...

Building a mental model of Go scheduling and GC

#​378 — September 10, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web Go Weekly The Busy Developers's Guide to Go Profiling, Tracing, and Observability: A Work in Progress — The first parts of a promised handy guide are available, but what an...

Instant Go

Edit and run Go code right in the browser. No backend required.

Go multi-module workspace mode, a forthcoming feature in Go 1.18

Do not use the monkey package

#​377 — September 3, 2021 Unsubscribe  |  Read on the Web Go Weekly The Tale of Monkey: A 'Satirical' Package Used Unwittingly.. — Monkey was a package to experiment with ‘monkey patching’ in Go but its license said no-one had...

Go doesn't have a stack the way that some other languages do

Tips For Effective Go Tests